Learn how to grow sales with marketing automation

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In the B2B world, sometimes prospects wind up unattended because there's just not enough time to pursue them all or determine which ones are the right opportunities. And when we DO give the necessary attention to “hot” prospects, there’s often no time left for the others. So what’s the answer? This guide tackles an incredible, emerging movement in the business development world: marketing automation. 

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You'll learn how to:

  • Gather intelligence on website leads through smart forms
  • Build website visitor profiles based on demographic information and actions taken on your website
  • Track specific visitors' activity on your website over time to understand their readiness to buy
  • Develop a lead-scoring system that identifies the best leads to pursue
  • Construct automated email workflows to nurture the rest until they're ready for a sales call
  • Become an incredible asset to your business development team

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